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Today in my culture class:

We were discussing elements of the Constitution, and a variety of things concerning the revolution era in the colonies. One of the things he mentions is the idea of a limited government. On a side note, he started talking about how religion and free speech was going to be a big issue in the upcoming presidential election.

But then.

"Rick Perry, he’s, well - limited government. That’s one of his big things."


Then, he kept going about all the things -“some of it’s just talk, you know, language that you kind of have to sift through and figure out what’s really going on”- which is fine and also true, but I’m just sitting there, trying to justify how I can point out that he’s only talking about Rick Perry.

But then - there’s more:

We had moved onto the Bill Of Rights. My prof is one of those who likes to ask really simple questions to get responses so he can make sure you’re following the thread of the conversation.

"What was the Bill of Rights? Which amendments?" A student from the back speaks up, quite confidently, and answers: "Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments.


My professor has bad hearing, didn’t notice, and someone else said that it was one through ten. In my notes, I wrote down ”I DON’T WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE” with an explanation of what had happened.

This class is very slow-going, routinely. It’s basically a course for people with any kind of privilege to tolerate/accept people with fewer, and for the later to try to not hate the former. I understand that it’s not fair to expect people to do anything except on tumblr reblog hipster triangles and caps from Glee. But I’ve used the past six months or so on tumblr to read posts of libertarian bloggers, so I frequently over-estimate people.

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