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if anyone in the harry potter series deserved to be bitter it was remus lupin

  • he was a werewolf in a world that actively despised werewolves like the government literally had legislation against werewolves
  • he grew up in a poor household made worse by his lycanthropy, something that probably caused a significant amount of guilt - something that would have been incredibly destructive to a young boy
  • he was more often than not homeless and was unable to get a job, again due to his lycanthropy, his role at hogwarts perhaps being the first stable job he had in many years
  • he lost all of his greatest friends and spent 12 years believing that one of them [don’t even get me started on the queer subtext between sirius and remus which made the whole situation even worse] was responsible for the deaths of the rest of them
  • he lost his hogwarts job [again perhaps the only stable job he had in years] because of snape’s inability to let go of a childhood grudge coupled with the world’s hatred of werewolves even though he was the favourite teacher of many and considered the best dada teacher they ever had

he had so many reasons to be bitter and mean and twisted but he wasn’t

the most prominent line about him in the series is ‘lupin smiled’ and goddammit he had every reason not to smile but he did and he did it often and he went out of his way to make sure that students like neville knew that they were worth something and good at something and he was an inspiration to so many students

he fought actively in an organisation against voldemort and his offers of a place for werewolves because that was the right thing to do, remus had principles that he stayed loyal to despite everything that he went through 

of course remus had flaws, he wouldn’t be a well rounded character without them, but he stayed a good person right until the end, fighting for what was right and for a better world for everyone including his son

albus severus potter my ass

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lookin at the booty like

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lookin at the booty like

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i have nothing to say about buried child, professor, it was weird and i think a lot of it went over my head, also give me a b please thank

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i have to literally beg to have a c in this class


i gotta beg for more work to do that i don’t have time to do

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Combining elements of dance, performance art, music, technology, light and more, the versatile Japanese troupe “Enra" creates pure magic.

This dance is called “Pleiades,” named after the seven daughters of the Titan Atlas and the Oceanid Pleione. Pleiades is also known as the astronomical open cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus. Six (or more) stars are visible to the naked eye but there are actually some five hundred in the cluster.

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i love this episode so much

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